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As an owner you will receive a monthly payment together with a summary statement of your rentals and sales the month following the transaction date.

If you are interested in listing your wardrobe on Jigsaw, please contact our account management team on register@jigsawforever.com to inquire including pictures of the top 4-5 pieces you would like to list along with their RRPs or the price you paid.

We welcome clothes, shoes and accessories from contemporary-high end womenswear fashion brands. Our mission is to reduce the spend on fast fashion and consequently do not accept any items from high-street brands. Items must be dry-cleaned, in good rental and resale condition. Any items that are not of the expected standard will not be uploaded to the Jigsaw platform.

We work with owners/vendors to keep fees as reasonable as possible. We take into consideration the original RRP, age and condition of the item when setting a rental fee. As a rule of thumb however, past-season items are listed at 10% of their RRP, while current season items are priced at between 10-30%. Sale prices will vary. Your Jigsaw representative is on hand to offer guidance as to the market price, but final pricing is at the sole discretion of the owner.

After your items have been received and uploaded to the Jigsaw platform, we will take care of shipments and returns for any rental or sale transactions.

Jigsaw manages the dry-cleaning of any returned items before it is made available for the next customer.

Damaged items will be assessed on a case by case basis depending on the level of damage, the difficulty of repair and whether the item can be replaced.

We use a trackable and 'signed for' option on every order. All shipments are insured by our transit insurance policy. Occasionally, we buy additional insurance to ship high value items.

Our renters are liable for all items in their care. The full replacement value listed next to each item will be charged to cover any items not returned, or damaged beyond repair.